Family carers during entry and in emergency situations

Project: “Support for caring relatives during entry and in emergency situations”


Even though the role of family caregivers has been described in view of their needs and coping strategies, the situations regarding entry and emergencies has scarcely been explored. Those represent challenging transition periods for concerned individuals.The project aims to investigate how far family caregivers need support within entry and emergency situations. Different research methods shall uncover an eventual need for action and show possible solutions.

Project Team

  • ZHAW, Institut für Pflege: Prof. Dr. André Fringer (Lead), Sabrina Fehn, Hannele Hediger, Dr. Veronika Waldboth
  • Careum Research: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Otto, Prof. Dr. Iren Bischofberger, Dr. Heidi Kaspar, Fabian Berger


Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), support programme “Relief offers for relatives providing care”


Förderprogramm «Entlastungsangebote für betreuende Angehörige» (German)
Programme de promotion «Offres visant à décharger les proches aidants» (French)
Programma di promozione di offerte di sgravio per chi presta aiuto ai propri congiunti (Italian)


October 2017–April 2019


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