Support for relatives providing care

The project aims to investigate how far family caregivers need support within entry and emergency situations. Different research methods shall uncover an eventual need for action and show possible solutions.


Even though the role of family caregivers has been described in view of their needs and coping strategies, the situations regarding entry and emergencies has scarcely been explored. Those represent challenging transition periods for concerned individuals.


The project follows in particular the following issues:

  1. Which specific needs do family caregivers have in entry and emergency situations?
  2. Which specific services are available in these constellations and do these options offer the necessary support?
  3. How far does a need for action exist and what are possible solutions?

In order to come up with empirically anchored recommendations, an exploratory sequential mixed methods design will be used. Following a integrative review of current literature interviews with (1) family caregivers and (2) service providers will be conducted within two qualitative sub-studies. Two quantitative sub-studies with (3) about 300 relatives and (4) about 300 service providers focus on influencing factors of using services and the provision and use of specific information. A word café will evaluate the findings.

Project Team


Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), support programme “relief offers for relatives providing care”


October 2017–March 2019