Interprofessionalism Steering Group

Monika Schäfer, Jan Breckwoldt, Ruth Aeberhard, Gabriele Schroeder, Ursina Baumgartner, Silvia Kaap-Fröhlich (from left to right).

The Interprofessionalism Steering Group encourages the exchange of information regarding interprofessional learning. It coordinates activities on the Careum Campus and creates new settings for interprofessional learning between different partners.

Members of the Interprofessionalism Steering Group

  • Ruth Aeberhard, Careum Training Centre
  • Prof. Ursina Baumgartner, MNSc, Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Department of Health Science, rector
  • Dr. Jan Breckwoldt, Faculty of Medicine at the Univerity of Zurich, Dean's office
  • Dr. Sylvia Kaap-Fröhlich, Faculty of Medicine at the Univerity of Zurich, Dean's office, Curriculum planning
  • Prof. Monika Schäfer, MScN, M.H.A, Careum, Head of Education Developtment and Head of Steering Group
  • Gabriele Schroeder, Careum Education Development, pedagogical and research assistant




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