Coordination of care at home

Relatives providing care often function as care managers, which is demanding and time-consuming. This project should give a comprehensive overview on the aspect of coordination of care at home. The focus lies on the coordination through and services for relatives.


When it comes to arrangements between different professionals or the management of therapies and administrative applications regarding care at home, coordination is needed in differentiated forms. The quality of care and the financial situation of individuals concerned depend on coordination. Because there is not enough support in a cross-system manner, relatives need to take on the role of managers.


The project aims to gain new insights to improve the coordination from the perspective of family caregivers. The services of professionals and institutes will be compared and adjusted to the responsivities taken on by family caregivers. Through exploring the task sharing between relatives, professionals, volunteers and other actors solutions which meet the demands of relatives shall be formulated. Qualitative as well as quantitative methods, such as content analyses, online-surveys, focus groups and interviews, will be used.

Project team



Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), support programme “relief offers for relatives providing care”


July 2017–June 2019