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Flyer (german) from Careum Research with a call for young carers to speak of their experiences and duties.


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Fernsehen SRF 1, 10vor10: Fürsorgliche Kinder und Jugendliche, 03.08.2016.

English contributions

The Care Act and Whole-Family Approaches (UK). PDF

No wrong doors: working together to support young carers and their families: A template for a local memorandum of understanding between statutory Directors of Children's and Adult Social Services (UK, March 2015). PDF

First support group for Young Carers in Switzerland

Giulia Brändli has founded the first support group for young carers in Switzerland in 2016 with support from selbsthilfecenter.ch and the young carers research team of Careum. In a videomessage, the 18-year-old Giulia adresses the central subjects that young carers occupy: The fact that they are not alone and can support themselves mutually if they are in similar informal situations, although it is often difficult to find the right words their own sensitivities.

Matura paper

Jana Bär, Anja Vock and Vanessa Weiss, three graduates of the Berufsfachschule Gesundheit und Soziales BFGS in Brugg, dealt in her matura paper intensely with the everyday life of young carers. The authors conducted expert's interviews, among others with Prof. Dr. iur. Agnes Leu of Careum Research, the research institute of the Kalaidos Univerity of Applied Sciences. In an impressive case study the everyday life of a nine-year-old girl is shown who supports her ill mother. The following film which belongs to the matura paper features the three authors introducing their results.

Vocational training event about young carers

The first vocational training event of the Careum Research programme “Young Carers” took place on the 8th of December 2015 at the Berufsbildungszentrum Olten.