Interprofessional training ward

There are plans to set up an innovative “Interprofessional training ward”, based on a Scandinavian model, at University Hospital Zurich – the only one of its kind in Switzerland. Students and trainees from various professions and with various levels of eduction will be able to look after "real" patients under supervision.

Healthcare is delivered within a complex health system, with involvement from various groups of professionals. In order to prepare for collaboration across groups of professionals during their subsequent careers, those hoping to work in the various health professions must be trained accordingly (by attending interprofessional courses) while they are still studying. To this end, there are plans to create an innovative “Interprofessional clinical training ward Zurich” (ZIPAS), based on a Scandinavian model, at University Hospital Zurich – the only one of its kind in Switzerland. This will be a place where students and trainees from various professions and with various levels of education (secondary level II, tertiary level A and B) can learn from, with, and about each other. Students and trainees can prepare for the healthcare world of tomorrow by caring together for “real” patients as part of their training – with a certain degree of independence, but also under supervision.

Six institutions team up

The following institutions are working together to set up this interinstitutional and interprofessional training ward: the Careum Foundation, the University of Zurich (Faculty of Medicine), University Hospital Zurich, Careum AG Bildungszentrum für Gesundheitsberufe, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Department of Health), and the Zentrum für Ausbildung im Gesundheitswesen (Centre for Training in Healthcare – ZAG). This collaborative project will therefore see the university, the university hospital, the university of applied sciences, and the higher vocational college strike out in a new direction in terms of healthcare training. They will be breaking down barriers and looking at new ways of developing training concepts that are fit for tomorrow. The coming months will see efforts continue – in consultation with the various institutions involved – to prepare the ground for ZIPAS to be piloted.

Meanwhile, at the launch event for the piloting of ZIPAS, the various members of the sponsoring group were unanimous in stressing just how heavily the project relies on this unique assembly of project members and a fundamental belief in interprofessional collaboration. Implementation will be facilitated by a thorough approach to project organisation, supported by representatives from the sponsoring group, the steering committee, and the project team and with involvement from students too. Members of the sponsoring group are represented in all three committees. This will provide a solid foundation for collaboration within and between the institutions.

A wealth of experience of interprofessional collaboration

All those involved will bring experience of interprofessional collaboration – dating back many years in come cases – in both a training and practical context. Project manager Dr. Gert Ulrich, who has experience of sports medicine and has also studied “Interprofessional Healthcare”, has everything it takes to bring the project to a successful conclusion. In both his attitude and how he sees his role as project manager, he has shown how interprofessionality informs everything he does as a sports scientist. With this project, the Careum Foundation will achieve a climax in terms of its commitment to interprofessional learning, which dates back many years.

Members of the project committees

Sponsorship (from left): A. Gerber-Grote (ZHAW), C. Schär (CBZ), R. Weber (UZH), R. Spirig, J. Hodler (beide USZ), R. Kühne (Careum Stiftung)

Steering group (from left): E. Feusi (ZHAW), E.M. Panfil (USZ), R. Aeberhard (CBZ), C. Witt, C. Schirlo (beide UZH)

Project team (from left): W. Georg (UZH), M. Huber (ZHAW), G. Schroeder (Careum), D. Kohlbrenner (USZ), Y. Zoller (Studentin, CBZ), S. Karrer (Student, ZHAW), G. Ulrich (Projektleitung), S. Kaap-Fröhlich (Careum), H. Spurek (ZAG)

Information and contact

Gert Ulrich, Dr. phil., M.A.
Head of the project “Interprofessional clinical training ward Zurich”,
Cooperation project of Careum, UZH, USZ, CBZ, ZHAW, ZAG

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