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Reconciling work and family care is a major social and economic challenge.

According to a study conducted in 2014 by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG bulletin 36/2014), caring for relatives provides work valued at more than CHF 9.5 billion. Given that 80 % of people in need of care are looked after by relatives, the reconciliation of paid work and family care, also known as “work & care”, is no fringe phenomenon.

Careum Research has been involved in “work & care” since 2007. Previous findings from company surveys send out a clear message: more than a quarter of the employees surveyed have experience of caring for relatives. Other research findings clearly show that there is a need for action in the area of “work & care”, as the number of people requiring care continues to increase.

Reasons for this include demographic changes and the increase in chronic illnesses. However, social changes are also of increasing significance for “work & care”: more single-person households, increasing divorce rates, relatives living far away from each other, more women at work and an increasing retirement age.

Federal Council action plan

The federal government recognises the social and economic significance of “work & care”. At the end of 2014, as part of its “Health2020” agenda, the Federal Council presented an action plan to better support people looking after and caring for relatives.

The framework conditions


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