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Careum Research has investigated the issue of reconciling work and care as it relates to people with cancer and their relatives.


In their work, the cantonal cancer leagues encounter much more than just questions about cancer as a disease. There are also more and more relatives caring for people with cancer, who are seeking support for reconciling work and care.


The project's objectives arose from the fact that, as an association, the Cancer League was increasingly preoccupied with the subject of “work & care”. It took the opportunity of raising the awareness of institutions and their members about this issue. The remit also included an online survey for all the institutions' employees regarding their own “work & care” situation. The tool for the occupational online survey was thus initially tested in a non-profit organisation. Since then, it has already been used in companies and by public-sector employers.

On completion of the project, a guide was published in German and French, at the end of 2013, entitled “Zwischen Arbeitsplatz und Pflegeaufgabe” (Between work and caregiving), discussing the reconciliation of work and caring for relatives.

Guide (german)
Guide (french)


“Relatives are the most important caregivers for people with cancer. A particular challenge for them is to reconcile the provision of support and care for the people concerned with work. The Cancer League wants to raise awareness of this particularly challenging situation facing relatives providing care, improve support opportunities and stand up for their concerns.”

Eliane Boss, Expert in Social Security and Healthcare
Brigitte Baschung, Deputy General Manager


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