Day-to-day life between work and care

Men and women in employment who care for dependent relatives talk about day-to-day life. A brochure contains 15 profiles spanning generations and illnesses.

Reconciling employment and family care is becoming increasingly relevant: frailty increases in rate and intensity in old age and medical progress is enabling people to live longer, even when their health is compromised. The result of this is that the need to reconcile work and care is extending over longer periods of time. This is why tried and tested solutions for employers and employees are needed to enable stable and continued employment. Healthcare professionals are also in demand. This is because service coordination and the use of new forms of communication are key, so that relatives can continue to work happily and efficiently.

The profile brochure provides specific examples of working men and women who have relatives from all generations who need care or who have various health problems. It also presents the perspective of the partner in practice: what can employers do to support employees who are caring for family members?

The profile brochure is currently out of print. Careum Publishing will reprint the brochure for collective orders. Please contact us via e-mail for the conditions.



“Our life is like a small business”
Beatrice Gerber (55) is a consultant for a specialist retailer of power tools. Her husband has been almost completely paralysed for the last eight years. Thanks to her 70 % workload and a few creative solutions, she and her family are managing everyday life at home.

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“There's no such thing as a holiday”
14-year-old Sina Fischer was left severely disabled following a complication at birth. Her parents talk about everyday life, which they manage, thanks to a smart balance of work, care, organisation and family life.

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