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Using a survey tool, Careum Research gathers in-house data for companies and organisations on the care and support work undertaken by their employees.

Reconciling work with caring for relatives is becoming an issue for more and more organisations. This is linked to demographic projections, progress in medical science and the increasing significance of forms of outpatient care. If, for example, an employee's relative is suffering from cancer, dementia, or has restricted mobility as a quadriplegic, everyone involved is faced with huge challenges. For an organisation's personnel policy, it is therefore important to have an accurate picture of the stress employees are dealing with outside of work.

Careum Research provides a survey tool for this purpose, which has been developed as a result of many years of scientific research. The online survey applies to any sector and can be used in large and small organisations alike. A detailed analysis of findings provides information regarding the extent to which employees are involved in care and support work. It also provides information on changes to everyday working life imposed by caregiving and the use of existing organisational services by employees. It thus provides a fact-based foundation for discussion between managers, HR managers and employees. The online survey also contributes towards raising awareness of the issue of “work & care” within the organisation.

The organisational online survey is completed on request and after a discussion to clarify its purpose. All data is treated strictly confidentially. Data is processed directly via a Careum Research server, so that the organisation has no access to individual data records. A report of the findings is compiled. There is no individual analysis. This ensures anonymity.

The survey can include all employees of a company or organisation as well as an individual department. The broader the database, the more meaningful the findings. Careum Research would be happy to provide a quotation for the online survey, on request. The survey costs charged would only be to cover expenses.



“Whilst the reconciliation of work with childcare has long been an undisputed matter from a social and human resources policy point of view, care for relatives is consigned to the shadows of existence and is barely discussed at all. Due to a lack of awareness and its taboo status, even on the part of the people involved in such care, the capacity of personnel law to support reconciliation is neither exhausted nor demanded. As a progressive employer, the City of Bern wishes to use the online survey to investigate concerns, launch discussion on the subject, raise awareness amongst managers, provide information regarding the options currently available to the employer to provide support and to review and implement other measures for the benefit of the employees concerned.”

Nicole Stutzmann, Head of Competence Centre Age, City of Bern



“After the organisational online survey had been developed and tested in a number of research and practical projects, Swiss Post decided to conduct a pilot survey in PostFinance. They selected a number of people to take part and commissioned Careum R&D to conduct the survey. Swiss Post is pursuing various objectives with the survey. A healthy organisation needs healthy employees with a supportive environment. The physical, mental and social burden that comes from caring for relatives is huge. However, it is often a taboo subject in the workplace. We want to use the survey to contribute towards breaking down this taboo and to take a critical look at our human resource services.”

Thomas Meier, Swiss Post


“The Cancer League supports the reconciliation of work and caring for relatives. It has two tasks in this respect: firstly, as a service organisation, to offer support to cancer sufferers and their relatives in these situations and secondly, as an employer, to establish an appropriate working environment. The high rate of participation of our employees in the “work & care” survey confirms that the issue is relevant for them. As a progressive organisation, the Cancer League invests in supporting its employees and is willing to explore new territory and find individual solutions in matters of reconciling work and care of relatives.”

Gabriele Buchs, Head of Human Resources, Swiss Cancer League


“For Helvetia, reconciling different areas of life in different phases of life is an important matter – for this reason, we want to support our employees in striking a balance between their various roles in life. To record the number of our employees who are affected by a care situation and the resulting requirements, we conducted the “work & care” survey in autumn 2012. The good rate of response showed that reconciling work and care really is important. Based on the recommendations given by our employees in the survey, various measures are being developed and we are pushing ahead with providing information on and raising awareness of the issue. In addition to the services we already provide on reconciling work and family life, this will establish another element for a good work-life balance.”

Angela Winkelmann, Head of Human Resources + Services, Helvetia Insurance


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