Publications 2019

“Young Carers”

Careum supports Open Access. Wherever legally possible, Careum Research makes its scientific publications available to access free of charge. The list of publications includes articles in specialist literature, papers, research and media reports. With a DOI number, linked journal articles can be viewed with an appropriate licence. Students at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences have access via the E-Library.

All Careum Research publications

Berger, F., Guggiari, E., Phelps, D., Wirth, A., & Leu, A. (2019). Young Carers in Europa: Impulse aus einem transnationalen Grundlagenforschungsprojekt. SozialAktuell, (03), 33–35. PDF

Leu, A., Frech, M., Wepf, H., Sempik, J., Joseph, S., Helbling, L., et al. (2019). Counting Young Carers in Switzerland – A Study of Prevalence. Children & Society 33(1), 53–67. doi:10.1111/chso.12296 

Koné, I., Leu, A., Padrutt, Y., Wangmo, T., & Elger, B. (2019). Akut- und Übergangspflege: Was muss sich ändern? Pflegerecht, 8(1), 39–42.