The training material platform Edubase allows educational institutions to order their training material in printed or digital form or a combination of the two.


Ordering training material is costly and time-consuming for schools – and the emergence of e-books is making this process even more laborious. This is where Edubase comes to the rescue, by offering a simple way for educational institutions to order all their training material from one place in printed form, as e-books or a combination of the two. Students are given login details to access all the training material and lesson notes they need, prepared using standardised, user-friendly e-book technology.

Educational institutions can also use Edubase to manage and sell e-books and convert their own documents into e-book format. Publishers can benefit from an attractive sales channel and state-of-the-art e-book technology.

The technical infrastructure of the Edubase e-books is based on the LookUP! software developed by the German company SilkCode, which is continually being expanded. Edubase e-books will make your transition from printed publications to the digital world an easy one.

Edubase was launched in March 2015 by Edubook AG and Careum Publishing.

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