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Careum in brief

Careum encourages people to think about the future of health and care.

The Careum Foundation, which was established in 1882 as a nursing school and hospital by the Zurich-Fluntern Red Cross, sees itself as an organisation that promotes dialogue between those involved in healthcare.

Careum highlights how trends in healthcare can be turned into specific projects within training policy. The aim is to provide the right kind of impetus and highlight possible solutions for actively helping to shape the future of health care and particularly training in this area. This is completely in keeping with the Foundation's purpose: “The Foundation supports training in healthcare and social services through innovation and development.”

Through the Careum Congress, Careum Forum, Careum Dialog and Sciana – The Health Leaders Network, Careum offers attractive platforms for exchanging ideas about forward-looking issues relating to healthcare training policy.

The name Careum is derived from the words “care” and “lyceum” (a place of learning in ancient Athens).

The charitable Careum Foundation is an organisation with an independent outlook – as well as being financially and politically independent – that maintains a liberal attitude and looks beyond disciplinary boundaries.

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