Health Literacy Zurich

Programme to boost health literacy in the Canton of Zurich

Funded by the Department of Health of the Canton of Zurich and the Careum Foundation, the “Health Literacy Zurich” program intends to use practice projects and campaigns to improve the health literacy of the population of Zurich and healthcare providers.

In an initial development project, a self-assessment tool will be developed for family practices and Spitex organisations in cooperation with two practice partners. This tool allows the institutions to systematically assess, strengthen and purposefully improve their own level of development as a health-literate organisation. The greater the health literacy of organisations and specialists, the better position they are in to support their patients and clients in acting and making decisions in an informed and independent manner.

In a second project, a brochure for preparing and accompanying visits to the GP was developed. This gives patients specific information on how to prepare for medical appointments and what questions you can ask your GP.

For the duration of the “Health Literacy Zurich” programme, the health literacy of the Canton of Zurich’s population will also be surveyed. An initial survey of 1,000 people was conducted at the end of 2018. It answered the following questions: How do people from Zurich rate their health literacy? How do the various population groups differ? The results will be used in the further development of the “Health Literacy Zurich” programme.

Details on the programme