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An intersectoral hub

Careum wants to make a significant contribution to bring education and healthcare policy together.

Changes within society present the healthcare professions with new challenges. These call for new approaches to training and continuing education.  And it is clear that regulations often impede innovation and outdated job descriptions confine people to their roles rather than encouraging them to work together. Inspired by the Lancet report and other analyses, Careum wants to help get rid of the old silos that undermine training and the fixation on single professions. What is called for now – to boost effectiveness and efficiency, increase patient safety and improve quality of life for all concerned – is an interprofessional and cross-sectoral form of learning. This process is being helped along by discussions, explanations, comparisons and negotiations.

Revising education strategies

Careum wants to provide impetus, build bridges and act as an intermediary within the German-speaking countries of Europe and thereby make a significant contribution towards bringing education and healthcare policy together. The aim is an ambitious one. Education strategies need to be revised in order to bring together experts from different professions and roles – beyond the care specifically relating to patients – to form effective communities capable of taking action. The message is about developing an attitude and culture based on working together in new ways. Given that both human and financial resources are becoming scarcer, society is demanding greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Careum is involved in the international debate via dialogue, publications and contributions to conferences across three countries. The Foundation has made a commitment, in the form of an “intersectoral hub for healthcare education policy”, to serve as an intermediary between healthcare policy, education policy and other sectors with a view to involving stakeholders in any dialogue and developing and consolidating education concepts that are fit for purpose. Careum is working on creating and maintaining platforms for exchange with organisations pursuing similar objectives. Various inputs, cross-border networks, exchanges of experience and solutions to problems should ensure a broad-based and decisive impact. Careum's intention is to try and maintain a common “thread” through the discourse, help oversee the processes involved and ensure results are achieved.

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