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Learning and teaching material

Careum develops learning and teaching material for vocational colleges, higher vocational colleges, and universities of applied sciences.

Careum learning and teaching material is specifically tailored to the requirements of the respective level of training concerned. It is used in training institutions associated with healthcare and social services, as well as in hospitals, homes for the elderly/nursing homes, and by the Swiss Association for Assistance and Care at Home.

Overall, learning and teaching material is broadly aligned with the Swiss training system and training objectives defined at a national level. It is based on descriptions of competencies and professional profiles. The aim is to encourage trainees and students to assume a more active role and help them develop sound competencies independently. Learning and teaching material is evaluated on a regular basis and developed further.

Vocational colleges

Careum develops reference teaching material for Switzerland in collaboration with organisations from the world of work, training centres with an interest in this area, and various authors working at a national level. This kind of activity is based on training ordinances, training plans, and training programmes. Careum's products are designed to provide trainees with the best possible preparation for completing their Federal Vocational Education and Training (VET) Diploma examination and entering professional practice. Careum teaching material is published in French, German, and Italian. Since 2015, certain products have also been available in English.

Higher vocational colleges

Problem-based learning (PBL) provides the basis for the learning and teaching material used for training courses in Biomedical Analysis, Dental Hygiene, Clinical Radiology, Surgery, and Nursing at higher vocational colleges. The topic-based units are associated with professional profiles – as described with the respective work processes and competencies in the national teaching framework plans. The didactic model favours self-managed and competency-oriented learning. This allows students to apply the knowledge and aptitudes they have developed to situations from day-to-day professional practice.

Careum Curriculum Network

Careum PBL curricula are used at the following training centres: Careum Bildungszentrum (CBZ) in Zurich, Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum für Gesundheits- und Sozialberufe (BZGS) in St. Gallen, Bildungszentrum Gesundheit und Soziales (BGS) in Chur and Berufs- und Weiterbildungszentrum Sarganserland (BZSL) in Sargans. These four training centres have joined together to form a curriculum network. The Careum Curriculum Network promotes PBL innovations in the health care professions and has successfully implemented a joint educational concept based on PBL since 2004. The association maintains the PBL implementation based on the McMaster model as an overall concept in implementation with the seven-jump method and skills lab methods (extended Cognitve Apprenticeship Model). The learning and teaching materials used are regularly updated and further developed by Careum Education Management in cooperation with Careum Publishing and in cooperation with the four training centres. A joint learning management system based on OLAT and experience with blended learning and the use of digital media exist since several years.

Universities of applied sciences

For universities of applied sciences, Careum compiles training content in books or teaching material.

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