Dental hygiene and dentistry as a team

Dental care on the go: the MobiDent mobile dental practice gives dental hygiene and dentistry students a chance to practise interprofessional collaboration.

Students from the Higher Technical College for Dental Hygiene at the Careum Training Centre have an opportunity to go on the road with the MobiDent mobile dental practice. In collaboration with dentistry students, they go out and treat residents at various homes for the elderly. Students are accompanied by lecturers from both groups of professionals and work together in tandem. They perform diagnostic work, discuss next steps and practise talking with patients. They give each other feedback on their observations and learn from this.

While deployed in the mobile dental practice, students experience how to work on communication and build relationships in a spirit of interprofessional collaboration. Another benefit is the insight they gain into dentistry for the elderly and the challenges associated with this. They also learn how to cope when time is short.


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