Patient education is concerned with devising new approaches for promoting self-management and health literacy among those with chronic conditions. Unanswered questions about patient involvement and health literacy are addressed in applied research projects geared towards finding solutions.

Patient education

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COSS study – self-management support for women with breast cancer

Research programme “patient education”
Brief description: The study aims to develop and test a self-management programme for women with breast cancer.
Duration: September 2016–November 2017 (end of project participation by Careum Research)
Financial support: Swiss Cancer Research, Lindenhof Foundation Bern

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USECARE AAL – use cases for informal care

Research programme “patient education”
Brief description: The project team evaluates the benefits of the electronic self-management programme Senaca from the perspective of patients and relatives.
Duration: May 2015–March 2017
External funding: European Union – Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Programme; Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI)

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Evivo course for providing access to vulnerable groups

Research programme “patient education”
Brief description: The project concerns the Evivo course programme, which aims to make self-management support more accessible to migrants with chronic conditions.
Duration: 2015–2017
External funding: Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

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