Quality development

Quality assurance is important to Careum. That is why the training concepts as well as the learning and teaching material are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

The four training centres in the problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum network all share learning and teaching material for professional education colleges associated with healthcare. As part of a coordinated quality cycle, these are constantly evaluated and developed further, which involves cooperation between the training centres (CBZ Zurich, BZGS St. Gallen, BGS Chur, BZSL Sargans), Careum Education Management and Careum Publishing. Careum Education Management is entering the education market as a partner for quality development and is contributing to the provision of training in health care with a systematised process flow for evaluating learning and teaching material.

The continuous evaluation process is coordinated and managed by Careum Education Management. The training centres in the problem-based learning curriculum network give feedback on the contents of the learning and teaching material with regard to technical accuracy, practical relevance and general relevance based on the professional skills required in the framework curriculum as well as suitability for the promotion of problem-based and self-regulated learning.

Careum Education Manager asks experts from clinical practice to adapt content and develop the learning and teaching material further. They review and supplement the learning and teaching material with evidence-based, subject-specific educational content.

The problem-based curricula are divided into “topical blocks” that build on one another in a predetermined order. Block tasks and skills units complement one another. Together they make up a whole scheme, and their structure is geared towards the didactic-methodical concept of problem-based learning.

Overview graphics of the 2017 adjustments (in German):
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Evaluation of teaching material for care and community health assistance professionals

Careum Education Management has evaluated the existing teaching material for the vocational training of community health assistance professionals on behalf of Careum Publishing. This took place in in the context of the changes to the VET ordinance for community health assistance professionals. The analysis of the results focused on specialist content, the transfer from theory to practice and a more active approach to learning.

In the run up to the national survey, a preliminary project considered the question of how to raise the profile of an approach to learning based on “active” understanding in the new version of the teaching material for community health assistance professionals. From an expert perspective, the following main issues play a crucial role: the systemic inclusion of “example situations” from the training plan, a structured activation of prior knowledge and the integration of learning and reflection tasks. The results of the nationwide survey in Switzerland and the preliminary project will help Careum Publishing edit the teaching material for community health assistance professionals in readiness for a new edition.

Evaluation of the Higher Vocational College for Nursing

Those graduating from the Higher Vocational College for Nursing who were trained based on the concept of problem-based learning, are proving themselves in professional practice. They have good to very good professional skills and are rated as competent professionals by their line managers. This is according to an investigation carried out by the Institute of Business Education and Educational Management at the University of St Gallen (in german) in 2011. This survey questioned 58 nursing professionals one year after their training at the Careum Educational Centre in Zurich and the Health and Social Training Centre in Chur as well as the immediate line managers of the nursing professionals.


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