Training sessions for teaching staff

Tips and tricks for using e-books in teaching: Careum Publishing offers short training courses free of charge to educational institutions.

Careum Publishing is making teaching easier by providing electronic training materials. Thanks to Careum e-books, you can say goodbye to hours of preparation such as copying things or creating PowerPoint slides.

For your educational institution, Careum Publishing offers free short on-site training sessions lasting around 15 to 30 minutes on how to use e-books in teaching. Our only condition is that at least five members of teaching staff take part.

New technologies continue to develop every day. Careum Publishing is keeping up with the times too with its electronic training materials. Because they are so easy to work with, you can use electronic training materials without much extra effort.

Details regarding short training courses:

  • Condition of participation: at least five teaching staff per institution

  • Duration: 15–30 minutes

  • Date: as agreed

  • Venue: at your institution

  • Costs: none

E-mail us now to register your institution for a free short training session on how to use Careum e-books.


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