Knowledge management

Networking knowledge: technology helps us reduce complexity in our day-to-day lives and provides support for learning, teaching, research, collaboration, and the provision of information.

Careum sees itself as a knowledge-based organisation. The knowledge management team supports the Careum Group with the procurement, preparation, and dissemination of knowledge. It makes the relevant tools available and uses modern information technology. The emphasis is on web-based services such as the website, blog, intranet, address databases, management of literature, and the learning platform. The knowledge management team therefore provides the services required for external and internal communication, research, and online learning.

In addition to devising and developing things, the knowledge management team also provides operational support and training for users. The basic concept of networking is kept alive in terms of both teams and content. The aim is to improve synergies right across the Careum Group on the back of IT solutions. Interdisciplinarity plays an important role here.

Since 2007, Careum has been operating the CareOL learning environment for the Careum Group. This online platform offers students, trainees, and teachers shared access to course contents. It can also be used to organise learning and teaching on a day-to-day basis and thereby support training centres in the day-to-day delivery of education.

The knowledge management team is actively involved in the wider community of Swiss universities, while identifying trends and understanding their impact are part and parcel of what Careum is all about.

In order to keep pace with developments, the knowledge management team is constantly adapting the application landscape and IT infrastructure. With all projects, user-friendliness, mobility, and a well-established feedback culture are at the top of any “wish list”. Careum believes the main job of knowledge management is the networking of knowledge. This starts with selecting the right tools for those who have the knowledge, with technology very much informed by design, content, or didactic considerations.

An overview of knowledge management services

  • Provision and operation of online services such as the website, intranet, access arrangements, video portals
  • Solutions for online learning, evaluation and analysis of the learning environment and IT tools
  • Innovation management and creation of synergies between the various areas within Careum and between Careum and its partners

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