Accommodation and tenants

Part residential area, part university district: living on the Careum Campus.

The Careum Foundation has been committed to the health professions since it was founded in 1882. The same essentially applies to the use of the Foundation's own site in the triangle between Gloriastrasse, Pestalozzistrasse and Moussonstrasse.

Accomodation and training rooms

Careum rents out training rooms and spacious modern apartments (with 3, 4 or 6 full-size rooms, plus 1 half-size room) at market rates on its main site, which is located near the centre of Zurich in the city's higher education district.


A good mix – in both demographic and professional terms – creates sustainable and neighbourly networks. Tenants do not have to be health professionals in order to rent one of our apartments. No restrictions apply in terms of any personal prerequisites.

A place to live

Living on the “plateau” between the “Züriberg” and the “city” has always been regarded as something special. And now this “special” area creates some new addresses at Pestalozzistrasse 3/5/7/9 and Moussonstrasse 2/4. The Careum site lies directly on the border between the residential area, with all its green spaces, and the university and hospital district. There are places nearby to shop for those few items you may need to pick up.

Within easy reach

The area around Pestalozzistrasse and Moussonstrasse is proof positive of Zurich's reputation as a “compact” city where nothing is that far away. The main railway station (via the hospital park and Polybahn funicular railway), the Niederdorf part of the old town and the Limmat are all within each easy on foot. Two tram lines (5 and 6) stop practically on the doorstep, while another (9) takes in the “Universitätsspital” and “Kantonsschule” stops.


Careum Properties

Moussonstrasse 4
CH-8044 Zurich

T +41 43 222 50 32