Patient education in Switzerland

Options and future prospects

Healthcare is in a transitional phase in historical terms and faces some major challenges. Large sections of the population want to become more involved in decision-making processes relating to their health. At the same time, service providers, those funding services and the state are increasingly stressing the need for individuals to share or even assume responsibility for their own personal health. But in order for patients to take on board the possibilities and duties which come with this new and active role, they need to be equipped with some highly specific skills.

Patient education is what is required to promote these skills of dealing with illness and its consequences and navigating the medical care system. The Careum Foundation has taken a systematic look at the situation regarding patient education in Switzerland and analysed in particular the education on offer to people with chronic conditions.

Working Paper 6 explains Careum's “Patient Education” project, along with the relevant analytical criteria, objectives and range of options in this area. The results are grouped according to the providers involved. The various individual results are then considered as a whole, with a view to coming up with recommendations for further investigations and deliberations on the future development of patient education in Switzerland.

Working Paper 6

Ospelt-Niepelt, R., Egli, K., & Stutz Steiger T. (2010). Patientenbildung in der Schweiz. Zürich: Careum. PDF